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5 Biggest Blogging Mistakes Every Beginner Makes!

5 Biggest Blogging Mistakes Every Beginner Makes!

If you recently made a blog or planning to make a blog. Then today i’m going to share the mistakes that every blogger does in starting days. I am going to tell the mistakes that i have did in my starting days, these mistakes are done by every new blogger in blogging journey. Due to this, It results in no growth and earning. If you are stuck in this position then make sure to read this whole article. Today i’m going to tell you blogging mistakes with their solutions.

In my starting days of blogging journey, I didn’t even knew what is SEO, Backlinks and How does this sites run. After progressing in my journey i started to know all these things. And Now I get Good earnings from my sources. So Today, In this article you are going to know 5 biggest blogging mistakes that every beginner does. So Let’s Begin with our list of mistakes.

1. No Hard Work Mentality / Attitude

Some People thinks that they will get everything from blog without doing any hard work. They are stuck in mind that they don’t need to do anything, They think that they will get everything they want like Ideas, Popularity, Articles and Free MONEY. This mentality results in Copying of other posts of other sites and publishing them in their own site. Due this they aren’t going to get approval from Ad Networks like Google and they will start facing many problems. If you have this attitude then Blogging isn’t made for you, If you can do hard work day n night without getting fast results then blogging is for you and you will surely going to get blog success in future.

2. Success Without Investment

Nowadays people wants everything for free and wants back big figure money. What they actually do is that they learn all basic things from one place about blogging then they apply these things on Free Blogs where they don’t even buy domain, hosting etc. Yes you can apply these things on free blog but that’s just for Learning purpose don’t think that you will take this to higher scale. Please avoid thinking of success without investment, You just need to invest $40-$50 or ₹2000-₹3000 Per year and you will get good domain and Hosting. It’s not like buying a plot of $20,000 or ₹20-30 Lakhs. It just a figure of $40-$50 or ₹2000-₹3000 Per Year. If you think that you invested today then tomorrow you are going to get double money back then you are completely wrong, Don’t keep this mindset. You need to work without results for months and years.

3. Earning Before Learning

As i said you till now that everyone wants earning without learning, I have saw these type of peoples in my life and I always think why they even think like this, I think one of the main reason that people think like these is due to Rich Peoples success who has everything the one normal or middle-class people dream of, Due to this people think that they did nothing, They don’t know anything but they have success and Money, They don’t always look beyond success, and they never wants to know what is beyond success. This makes them lazy people. and they start thinking of best ways to earn money without learning and eventually they show up in blogging and learns nothing but wants everything. Please Prevent this Biggest Mistake. Everything in this whole world needs to be first of all learned then you will get results in several ways. So always Learn and Implement that in your own blog.

4. Monetization First Mentality

Before Making Blog or before planning for blog, Every person thinks of Monetization and they think that they will add full of affiliate links, Full of ads and Bla bla bla things for money. I’m not saying never think of money, Actually I’m trying to say that don’t keep money priority at first place. Fact that i want to tell that if you don’t put ads in your site then your site will run perfectly without any problems and It will rank good but after starting to add ads then your will user base will go down and you won’t get that much of ranks like you use to get before, This happens due to bad User Experience, So always keep your Blog Passion at first priority and Money Priority at Third Place. I’m Saying Third place because Second Place will be for User priority. If you apply this then i can guarantee that you will earn more money then before.

Always avoid Monetization at starting of your blog, Let your blog grow and grab big permanent user-base after you start applying monetization in smart way so that your permanent user-base will stay permanent only!

5. No Matrix Analysis

Everyone creates Google Analytics and Webmaster but they never Check those things back after opening. Always analyse your site so that you can make better site for your user. If you analyse then you will know which article is working great, which content in your site has much crazy so that you can boost it much then ever. and which content is progressing properly so that you can give it a boost and make it perfect. You know how i got to knew that After Monetization my site got big bounce rate, This is all due to google analytics, So always analyse your site for making your site much better for better stats.

These are the some biggest Mistakes that everyone does, Make sure to avoid this mistakes. Or you will be failed in Blogging. Also make sure to be stay tuned in our blog for best High Quality Articles. Till Then I’ll meet you next time.


​Hey, I’m Venkat Lohith Dasari AKA Denny. A Full Time Blogger , YouTuber, Affiliate Marketer and Founder of and YouTube Channel. A guy from the crowded streets of India who loves to watch best Movies and Triller TV Shows! I watch Beyhadh!

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