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Best Guide On Making Landing Pages To Increase Traffic and Sales For Your Business

Best Guide On Making Landing Pages To Increase Traffic and Sales For Your Business

Nowadays, it is important for every Business to have a online website. This website can be in any form like having a Official website! or having supporting site like Blogs, YouTube Channel or any other social media platforms.

Reason to have an online presence is because we need to boost our sales and traffic.

Best thing you can do is to make a good and attractive landing pages.

Today, In this article. We are going to know what is landing pages and how to make good and attractive landing pages. I have gives some simple and best hacks to improve it.

What Is A Landing Page?

In simple words, A Landing page is a standalone web page which is particularly made for Attracting Users towards so that they can boost their sales and make better advertising campaign.

Makes Best Landing pages like this

It got name as Landing page because these is the page where “users” land on when they open up your site or search it from search engine. And this page is first shown on search engine results so they can add good and targeted keywords in their page!

What Are Benefits Of Making Landing Pages?

Landing Pages influences your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So using better keywords in your landing page the it will give you better rankings in search engine.

Landing Pages Exmaple

Since you create landing page to promote a product, services or any particular thing. It will be really good in boosting your sales, increasing traffic, or promoting particular product.

One thing you should not ignore that making a better landing pages can make your visitors stay with your website. This will help you alot search engine rankings, affiliate marketing and etc.

There are so many benefits to create landing pages, So thinking for what? Start creating your landing page after reading this 5 best hacks to make your landing better! So ahead and read this best hacks down below.

5 Simple Hacks To Make Best Landing Pages

Points that you are going to read are just Guidelines that you need to follow while making landing pages. There are no universal landing pages points that can make landing pages better.

There are many free and premium templates of landing pages that you can use to make it faster and better as those are already created by some experts.

1) Eye-Catching Heading And Subheads 

First thing that people will see in your page is heading which should be around 10 words or less and a simple short description about your site or product. But for remaining details you can use subheadings and give you remaining details there.

landing page with heading and subheading and details around it!

Subheadings contains those remaining details when you have convinced them to stay in your website and proceed to further details in subheadings.

that’s why usually people keep “Get Started” or “Learn More” under subheadings. You can also practice this simple methods to convince your visitors to stay in your site and proceed further in your site.

2) Pictures And Videos

Visual modes of communication are much more effective in getting a message to the brain than textual information.

That’s having Pictures in your site then it increase the chances that user may stay and explore more in your site. This can help you to increase your SEO ratings.

Pictures should enough larger because when visitors from mobile can’t see your images if it is smaller so make sure that it is enough large!

Adding a video in your landing page then it make your visitors to watch video so that they can know more about your site or product or service that you are showing in your landing page! Make sure that video isn’t too long, make it around 2-3 minutes.

3) A Compelling Message

Convince your visitors

As we have discussed above that your subheadings should lure your visitors to click on “Get Started” or “Learn More”. Best thing you can practice is that you should start telling about pros about your site or products and cons they don’t checkout your site or don’t buy your products. So Start playing with emotions of visitors and convince them emotionally so that can they proceed further!

4) Visual Appeal

When you made your elements ready then make sure to arrange them neatly so that you can instantly attract your visitors by seeing the visual designs. You can also use free pre-made landing pages templates or you can use premium ones.

Don’t make your landing page overload by adding so much contents, try to make your pages normal and make it to load much faster. whenever you make your landing pages then make sure to try your pages to load under just 2-4 seconds in all devices!

If you are buying premium template then make sure to check their speeds and much more aspects and then buy it if you like it so much!

5) Contact Information And CTA

When your landing page convinces the viewer to take the next step, they will look to take the next level, which is what the CTA’s role is. A call to action (CTA) is typically in the form of a button that could invite readers to read more posts, sign up for your mailing list, or any other appropriate action. Use a contrasting color and a unique message on the button to make it stand out for the users to click. 

Always have the necessary contact information: email, phone, office address, and customer support for queries, which, at the very least, will prove that you have a legitimate business. A live chat feature can be useful but is not mandatory to have.

After all the effort to come up with a new product or service, the landing page is where you see the fruits of your labor: customers click and buy, and you earn revenue. Lucky for you, making a high-converting landing page is as easy as following these guidelines. 

Keep the page simple, pack all the elements in a single page, and make use of the landing page creator tools. Start building a fantastic landing page and boost your business sales today! 

Thanks for reading this article, if you find it useful then make sure to share it with your friends and family!


​Hey, I’m Venkat Lohith Dasari AKA Denny. A Full Time Blogger , YouTuber, Affiliate Marketer and Founder of and YouTube Channel. A guy from the crowded streets of India who loves to watch best Movies and Triller TV Shows! I watch Beyhadh!

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