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Earn Money Online Using Linkvertise – 100$ Per Day (100% Working, No Investment)

Earn Money Online Using Linkvertise – 100$ Per Day (100% Working, No Investment)

Making money in online isn’t that easy until you do small investment. It took me many days to find a way to earn legit money without investment. Today i’m gonna reveal whole method of earning money online on daily basis. If you work really good and have good traffic then you can even earn 100$ per day. I’ll show proof for everything regarding Linkvertise.

If you are wondering instant Magic or instant results then you are at wrong place.
That’s reality!

Things to keep in mind before getting started

  • Linkvertise is URL Shortener which has Highest CPM.
  • Make sure that you will work on it daily and don’t be lazy!
  • There is no quick way to earn money except in Crime & Scams, Stay away from both.
  • If you are in immediate need of money, then get a personal loan and work hard to pay off the loan as soon as possible.

Things you require before getting started

  • You need to have Decent Audience to start earning online faster. or Atleast have small traffic to get started. Better traffic will give you higher results.
  • You need atleast mobile for getting started. For easy-to-use get Laptop which has browser.
If you are still reading it means you are really serious about earning online, Right?

So Let’s Get Started!

What is Linkvertise?

Linkvertise is URL Shortener where you can put your long url to make it short. It won’t just short your url but it will monetize your URL so whenever someone clicks your shorted link then they will see Ads and things which you have selected that users need to complete this in order to unlock url. So basically Linkvertise allows you to monetize content or switch advertising! But here we are not going to talk about Advertising because it is completely opposite of earning money.

Steps to create account in Linkvertise

Step 1 – Open Linkvertise by clicking here.

Step 2 – Click on Register Button at top right corner and you will see this pop window like this.

Step 3 – Fill all the details and click Register Now then Verify your email by clicking verification link that you will receive in your email inbox!

There we go! You have successfully registered for Linkvertise!

Now its time know how to use Linkvertise.

Dashboard will look like this. For starting it will be zero all!

Here you can see your links Impressions, Clicks and total links made in past 7 days and Balance (for Default)

Now let me tell you how this thing works. In this site you need to monetize your content by content url for example you have your YouTube video on topic GTA 5 ModPack and you shared your ModPack Download link in Description, using Linkvertise you can monetize your Download link by shorting it in Linkvertise. Now whenever someone tries to download GTA 5 ModPack by clicking download link in description then they will be redirected to linkvertise page where they need to enable notifications, watch 1 minute and see articles for 10-15 seconds, All these things depends on what you selected in shorting url, you will know this in coming paragraph.

How to Short URL in Linkvertise?

Step 1 – Click on Create Link at Top right Corner  (look at this image)

Step 2 – Add your Long URL in type box and click continue
Step 3 – Name your Redirect Button (in this case i’ll name it as Google Homepage)

Step 4 – Set Link Ending like if i set “test” then url will look something like this ” “
Step 5 – This is really important step in order to boost your clicks so that you can boost your Earnings!
Linkvertise has just launched newly search engine so that poeple could search content shared by its users. Write good title and description so that when someone searches in linkvertise search engine then it will show your content in results so that people will click on your content and it will boost your earnings!

Step 6 – Now Setup your advertising settings for that shorted url. More you select more your traffic needs to complete the task in order to access your content. More your select more earning you will make! once done then click create link!

Step 7 – Finally you have created your link! you can copy then link and share it your friends or audience. Whoever views link it will generate money for you!

Why You Should Choose Linkvertise?

Indeed you can make easy money with Linkvertise. It is the highest paying link shortening site in the German-speaking countries.

Linkvertise can avoid pop-ups or annoying layers and still offer a high payment.

Linkvertise Money-Making Features

  • You can share links and earn money on every link-clicks made by the visitors.
  • Get $2 signup bonus
  • You earn 8-11 € per thousand views. You can get upto 80$ per 1k views depending on traffic.
  • Easy administration dashboard.
  • Monthly payments are made via PayPal, Paysafecard, Payoneer, Bank transfer or Amazon voucher for a minimum of 10 €
  • You can easily and quickly cut links and earn money.
So waiting for what? Sign up now @ Linkvertise


​Hey, I’m Venkat Lohith Dasari AKA Denny. A Full Time Blogger , YouTuber, Affiliate Marketer and Founder of and YouTube Channel. A guy from the crowded streets of India who loves to watch best Movies and Triller TV Shows! I watch Beyhadh!

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