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How To Generate Passive Traffic By Making A Team of Bloggers – BT10 Traffic Hack Method

How To Generate Passive Traffic By Making A Team of Bloggers – BT10 Traffic Hack Method

It’s time to generate passive traffic to your Brand New Website. I know it’s very difficult to drive traffic to a brand new website especially Passive Traffic.

In 2020, It’s really hard to get traffic organically because already bunch of other websites have occupied the top positions in search results. And If you want to get into top positions then you should start focusing on Keyphrases. I have already wrote a detailed article on this topic, go ahead and check that article.

If you want your site should be on top using keywords then your website should have good backlinks. And start driving initial traffic using backlinks. This will increase your Domain Authority and your website will start ranking top!

Are you exited to know how to generate passive traffic? Most probably yes! Then let’s dive in.

In this article you will find

What I Mean By Generate Passive Traffic?

Truth is that it is not completely Passive Traffic Method. This method will just highly reduce your work load of sharing your website and many more things that you do to obtain good of traffic and backlinks. So you can say that this is a Partial Generate Passive Traffic. Believe me after knowing what is BT10 Traffic Hack Method then your work load regarding traffic will dramatically reduce and you will see faster growth of your Website.

What is BT10 Traffic Hack Method?

I’ve given it the name “BT10” Method. It means that Build a Team of at least 10 like-minded bloggers. This might be little bit weird but yes, What actually happens is you are going to find bloggers like you and make a team, those bloggers must be in same main niche. And You gonna share each others post or articles, This will help all you grow together, If any one of you grows fast then your site will also get taste of it, I mean you will also get advantage because your website will grow with him, Not only you but also others. This method is amazing, because it helps you and also your mates!

How To Build A Team of Bloggers?

Building a team of bloggers isn’t that hard as you are thinking. Trust me after reading this para you will get relaxed because there is not so many restrictions on making a team of bloggers.

First of all you should keep in mind that Making bloggers that you are going to add must be in same main niche. What I mean by main niche is that, For example your Main niche is Website then there will be sub-niches also like Tech Blogging, Web Development, Web Designing etc. All these comes under same Main niche that is Website, So making team of Sub-niche is also great, Because it very likely that guy of different sub-niche interest might show a interest in your niche too! I have told bloggers must be in main niche because this can make process easy to find bloggers overall, If you still want bloggers of only your niche then continue reading.

I also want to recommend you to find bloggers who has good amount of followers in their social media platform, Because if each one of you have at least 1000 followers in social media and you made a team of 10 bloggers then when you sharing each other’s post in social media then reach of single post will be 10,000 because of 10 social media alts of 10 bloggers, each one 1000 so 10×1000=10,000. This will help you get easy traffic and also good amount of DoFollow and NoFollow Backlinks.

How To Find Bloggers Similar To Your Niche Only?

If you want most of the juice of BT10 Method then you should start finding only those bloggers who are completely similar to your blog and sub-niche too! Because while finding bloggers of same main niche can make less chance that different sub-niche guy would check your site, But finding bloggers of completely same niche can be very useful for you because this will increase the chances of people to check your site or article. Generate Passive Traffic is more beneficial if all bloggers are of same niche.

Now let’s talk about main thing, that is how you can easily find bloggers similar to your niche. Simply search blogs in search engine isn’t going to help you because Top results will be of Higher DA websites.

I’ll always recommend you to always look into groups of social media platforms, You can easily find groups from many blogging websites, Finding facebook groups are really easy. After getting into group, You should start looking for Bloggers. You can identify them easily if they share their post or help others and many more aspects. You can easily find many. Just contact them and tell them about BT10 Method and tell how beneficial it is or else just share this link.

What Extra You Can Do To Boost Traffic?

Generate Passive Traffic Grow Faster

Do these extra things while generate passive traffic that is Ask other bloggers to link each other’s blog site link as DoFollow so that if any website get juice then it will also be shared you people, It means you will see an increase in DA of your site. Higher DA = Higher Organic Traffic. This thing is a bonus. so make sure to share my article with your friends and mates also. 😉


Today I have told what is BT10 in full detail and also told how to it properly + Few Bonus things. I hope you understand everything, If you still have doubt then consider using comment section. I’ll help everyone in comment section.

Start following my website because i always share these types of amazing content marketing content. So for now Build a Team of Blogger and Generate Passive Traffic. Till then I’ll meet you in another article. Good Bye!


​Hey, I’m Venkat Lohith Dasari AKA Denny. A Full Time Blogger , YouTuber, Affiliate Marketer and Founder of and YouTube Channel. A guy from the crowded streets of India who loves to watch best Movies and Triller TV Shows! I watch Beyhadh!

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