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How To Add GoDaddy Custom Domain Name To Blogger

How To Add GoDaddy Custom Domain Name To Blogger

Getting your own custom domain in blogger blog can give you more advantages!

You have created your own blog in blogger and posted quality content, and now its time to make your blog more professional by getting your own domain from domain register sites. There are several domain register sites where you can get your own custom domain, these are GoDaddy, Namecheap, BigRock,, etc.

But today we are going to choose GoDaddy to buy custom domain. You can Buy .Com Domain At Cheapest Price From Godaddy from here!

Once you have purchased your own custom domain then big question rises that is how to Add Custom domain from GoDaddy to Blogger. So today we are going to tell how to add GoDaddy Custom Domain Name to your blogger blog!

First of all lets know what are the advantages when you get your own custom domain in your blog!

Benefits Of Using Domain Name In Blogger

There are many benefits to using the custom domain name in Blogger. So let’s know about some benefits of adding the custom domain name in blogger:

Professional Look: A sub-domain is very large, and it can’t be remembered by users easily.

But in the case of a custom domain, its URL will be short and this will give you a professional look and users can easily keep that name in their mind. 

You can also create a professional email address such as [email protected]

Alexa Ranking: If your domain is and if anyone opens it from India then it will open in

Similarly in America, and in Pakistan.

This will create a problem that you will not be able to increase your blog’s Alexa Rank quickly.

Search Ranking: If someone searches on Google and your blog name come in then most people do not visit the same link. Similarly, the ranking of your blog also decreases with the search results.

Adsense Approval: It does not matter if your custom domain is in your blog or Blogspot domain. You can get Adsense approval on both. Blogger is Google’s product, so there is no problem with it.

But if you add a custom domain, then it increases the chance of approving your account in Adsense.

How To Add Custom Domain To Blogger Or How To Add GoDaddy Custom Domain On Blogger Blog

Adding a custom domain name to Blogger is very easy. If you have a free blog and you want to add it to your domain name then please follow it.
You must have a domain for this. Most buyers purchase their domain name from Godaddy.
You can also Check Out Namecheap here for the lowest price.
If you have already purchased the domain from Godaddy, Then see here how to add GoDaddy domain to blogger.
Step By Step Guide To Add GoDaddy Domain To Blogger
1) Blogger >> Login >> Dashboard.
2) Settings >> Basic.
3) Click on ” Set Up a Third Party URL from your Blog “.

4) Now you have to write your Domain Name with www. For example, (]. And then click on the save button.

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5) After Click on Save, an error message come in front of you. then 2 CNAMESs come,  You have to put these 2 CNAMEs to GoDaddy DNS servers.

6) Go to the website of GoDaddy for the next process. And log in to your GoDaddy account.

7) Login or sign in to your DNS server.

Login on and click on DNS

8) Now open Record Record of DNS Server. Now you have to add CNAMEs here. And also 4 Google’s  IP Addresses which are given below.

9) Now Click on Add Button.

10) Select CNAMEs in TYPE >> And do not forget the CNAMEs that you use on your blogger.

11) After adding both of CNAMEs, you have to add 4 A record . Means you have to add 4 Google’s IP Address.
12) In this you have to enter A in TYPE  >> name  @ >> and in Value, you have to add 4 IP Addresses one by one given below.
13) After adding all the records it will look like the picture that is given below:

Note: Do not touch GoDaddy by default DNS records.
So, this is the detailed post about how to add a custom domain to blogger. If you liked the post then don’t forget to share this with your friends or on your social media platforms. Thanks for reading!

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