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How To Create A Roundup Post To Super Boost Your Traffic

How To Create A Roundup Post To Super Boost Your Traffic

It’s time to boost your website traffic using Roundup Post. This method is really awesome which can drive huge traffic for your website even if you have ZERO followers!

Yes! You heard it right, Method which I’m going to share can help your site to get traffic and good amount of social shares.

Are you excited now? Yes you are obviously excited because it will get you Huge Traffic Boost!

So Today you are going to learn

What is Roundup Post?

Before knowing what is roundup post, you should know meaning of term “roundup”. Well there are several meanings like collections of tools, statistics or other related terms.

But here, we are talking specifically about “Experts Roundup” which means we are going to gather as many as possible experts of your niche.

You only need to one question to as many experts are possible to create a roundup post for your site. For example you are asking them to provide there opinion on Make a Blog in 2020 in about 200-300 words. After gathering views of many experts personally then you are going to arrange all their views or opinions in post and giving it a awesome title like “30 experts share their opinion on Making a Blog in 2020

Now, I think you understood what is roundup post by now!

How Will It Help You To Drive Traffic?

You might be thinking that your website has no user base and doesn’t even rank in google then what’s point to conduct a roundup post? right? But you are completely wrong dear fellow. It’s true that your website won’t even get noticed even after conducting a perfect roundup post but who said that your job is done after publishing a roundup post. Now you need to inform all participants that you have successfully published roundup post and ask them to share it with there User Community. And BOOM! Your post will start getting attention and Skyrocket your traffic to high heavens!

You don’t believe me? It’s good not to believe without proofs, well I got proofs so that you can believe me! Check these proofs -:

Proof #1 – Santanu Debnath, Founder of has conducted a roundup post. He invited 54 bloggers to share their new year resolution.

And see the result he got 1.9k social shares.

Expert Roundup Post Shares Image

Proof #2 – Faizan Ali also conducted a roundup post where he invited 10 bloggers to share their success stories.

And see the result. This article got 1k+ social shares

Success Stories Roundup Post

Well It’s true that there are few experts who won’t share and few are those who will share your post with there community. So my best advice to fix this problem is to outreach to only those experts who shares other sites posts also, to find who shares you can do inspection of all expert’s social media platforms and find out whether they share or not.

How To Conduct a Roundup Post?

Follow these simple steps to conduct your 1st Roundup Post -:

STEP 1 : Find the perfect question to ask.

Being a Roundup Conductor or blogger, Your first work is to find out perfect question to ask other experts.

If you want to generate a lot of traffic and want high Average Duration then you need to come up with an idea which is something in-depth and Specific.

All these experts receive a lot of roundup requests everyday, So It’s really important to come up with a unique question which has been never asked before or not conducted by anyone. Because if you ask them really common question they won’t even reply you because its been done a lot times before in other sites. Due to this they don’t attendant all roundup emails because most of them are just common and used up.

You also use Public Question and Answering Platform like Ouora to find better question.

So Make sure to come up with an unique perfect question to ask them.

STEP 2 : Make a list of all the top influencers of your industry for your Roundup Post.

Now it’s time to find out all Top influencers and experts under same niche or industry.

Well there are few things that you need to ask yourself before selecting experts or influencers –

  • Are they capable of answering your Question? – There are several sub niches under a niche. For example, if your niche is blogging then you can’t ask questions like how to make a website to an Affiliate Marketer or How to do perfect affiliate marketing question to an Website Builder. So make sure that all those experts you are selecting are also under same sub niches.
  • Will They Share Your Roundup Post? – If they have answered your email and you got what you wanted and you made an roundup post then will they share it with there community when you request them. So do Inspection to all expert’s social media platform.
  • How much big is their community? – While selecting experts, I’ll recommend you to choose only Popular Experts who has big community so that it can help you get a lot traffic in your post. If you choose less popular experts then then you won’t going to get traffic to meet your expectations.

These three questions are most important while selecting experts for roundup post.

STEP 3 : Get Their Contact Details

If you want their opinions then only way to get this, is by contacting them by communication means provided by them!

You can contact them by going to “contact us” page of there website. You can contact them by filling contact forum (if given) or else you can use there email address which can found at the same page. If still you didn’t get contact details then you can go to DMCA page to find an email, I’m 100% sure that now you will get there email.

Always try to contact as many as possible experts to participate in your roundup post.

STEP 4 : Send them an email to invite for the roundup.

Once you get their email then send an email of invitation for the roundup post.

It’s really important to write your message short and quick because these experts gets floods of emails daily and It is not possible for them to read your 300-500 words long message.

So try to write a short, quick and good formatted message. After all, Accepting your invitation of roundup post depends on your email only/

If you are not able to configure how to write a good and short email then you can use this pre-formatted template to send email :

Subject: Quick question about [topic] 
Hi [First Name], 
My name is [your name here] and I am Founder of [your website URL here] 
I am working on a round up post and for this, I'm inviting experts to share their view about [topic name] 
To participate, please answer this question in 200-300 words. 
Question: [add your question here] 
We'll feature your answer on our blog (your blog URL here) and link back to [Company URL]. 
Thanks in advance. 
Regards, [Your Name] 
[Your Website Name]

You will get 90% Success rate that they will reply if you use this template.

STEP 5 : After getting the response from all the experts, add the answers in your article and publish this article.

Once you have got All Response, Now it’s time to arrange them and make a post!

Making a roundup post is simple but you should do few things in your blog so that you can generate a good amount of user base from that traffic.

At Starting of your article, Make sure to describe your blog. Ask them to subscribe to your Blog for more roundups like this. Make this paragraphs better so that they will get attracted to you rest of the blog to maintain a good average duration.

If you don’t make better article title then it will be impossible to at least make them read first paragraph. So making better post article title can help to attract them throughout the post.

STEP 6: Now it’s time to get TRAFFIC for your roundup post.

Now you are going to get a super traffic boost. Well, this is not possible if you just publish and share it on your social media platform.

You have to inform all your participants that you have published your post and it’s live. You can inform them by emailing them.

You can use this simple template to inform them in email :

Hi [First Name],
I wanted to you inform you that the article is now live: [insert URL here]
There are a lot of great ideas and I think people will find a ton of value in the responses. I'd greatly appreciate it if you could help me share it out. If you require any edits, please let me know.
[Your Name Here]

When you’ll share this email that you’ve published this roundup article.

They will start sharing your article with their thousands of followers and you’ll get a huge amount of traffic and social media shares immediately.


Now finally your website will start appearing to everyone. Due to round post, You are going to get ranked high in google, and your backlinks score will also increase! So go ahead and do it now! Roundup post is really profitable for your blog.

Today I’ve tried to cover each and everything with lots of proofs and screenshot.

If today’s article is helpful for you then please consider sharing it with your friends and family. Till then I’ll see you next time in another article.


​Hey, I’m Venkat Lohith Dasari AKA Denny. A Full Time Blogger , YouTuber, Affiliate Marketer and Founder of and YouTube Channel. A guy from the crowded streets of India who loves to watch best Movies and Triller TV Shows! I watch Beyhadh!

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