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Best Free Rank Math SEO Plugin & How To Setup Plugin Properly

Are you not able to rank in google search results? Today we are going to fix all these issues using Simple yet Best SEO Plugin that is Rank Math.

This plugin is completely free and can help your website to rank first in search results. You might be thinking what’s special in this Plugin? well, this plugin got everything you need for optimizing your website more efficiently.

There are so many good SEO Plugins Available in internet but problem is that they don’t provide full features for making website much better for SEO. Rank Math has got everything for free, Even it has those features which are paid or premium feature in other SEO Plugins.

It’s not to be surprised that this SEO Plugin is becoming must have plugin. Because its completely free, you don’t even need to pay a single penny for extra features. Yoast on other hand has freemium model, which means you need to pay for full access to it’s features.

What is Rank Math SEO Plugin?

Rank Math is a Search Engine Optimization Plugin for WordPress that makes easy to optimize their content for SEO using best built-in suggestions feature which is based on Best SEO Practices. Easily customize important SEO settings, control which pages are indexable, and how you want your website to appear in search with Structured data.

Rank Math offers a clean dashboard. You can easily turn on and of different features one by one. Every feature is clearly described inside the box along with its status. Rank Math implements a visually attractive interface that not only looks and feels modern but also enhances the user experience. This plugin is easy to understand for Beginners.

How It Is Different From Other SEO Plugins?

Firstly, It’s Pricing. You heard right, Rank Math is completely Free Plugin. Everything you get is free, Special about this plugin is that it provides Google Schema Markup aka Rich Snippets Integrated, Optimize Unlimited Focus Keywords (including focus keyphrases), Google Search Console Integration, Google Keyword Ranking, Local Business SEO, Deep Content Analysis Tests and Much More!! You are surprised isn’t it? You are thinking how Rank Math is providing all these for free? I don’t know why but it’s great. If you don’t know, All these features are pro features of all other SEO Plugins. That’s why Rank Math is different and special from others.

How to Setup Rank Math Properly?

It’s time to setup Rank Math in your own WordPress website. Before starting, if you haven’t installed this plugin yet then install it and activate it now by clicking here.

Once rank math is installed, Setup wizard automatically appears in your window, I’ll recommend you to start doing it from there itself. If you dismissed it then you can reopen it from Dashboard > Rank Math > Start Setup Wizard then again you will see setup wizard.

Step 1 : Activate Rank Math

Before you can access rest of rank math settings, Rank Math wants you to Activate it by connecting it using rank math account. If you already have account then write down email/username and password then login, or else you can login using Google or Facebook account if you don’t have account in rank math

Step 2 : Select Wizard Setup Level

After activating, you will asked to select level of wizard. To meet to all people of all type of skills, It has got three options to choose from.

Select one of them depending on your skill level of configuring SEO Plugin. Meanwhile, Custom is not available and also it is a pro feature, so we are not going to discuss it here.

If you want to quickly setup Rank Math SEO plugin then you can choose easy option and start your wizard. Its only recommended for people who has less technically background.

If you have Pro Technical background then you can choose Advanced option, It has got so many SEO Settings to configure according to your needs.

Here, I’m going to choose Advanced option. And I’ll take you throughout all things in advanced. If you are choosing easy then don’t worry, I’ll mention which options are available in easy and advanced mode.

Note: You can import data from other SEO Plugin
I don’t want to waste time in telling what is that in details, if you ever used any seo plugin before then you can easily import data from that SEO plugin into rank math plugin.

Step 3 : Your Site Configuration

In this step, You need tell rank math what type of website you are running, whether its a personal blog or Business or bla bla. You can choose it from dropdown menu and select option which describes best for your website.

If you are choosing Business option then several options gonna get unlocked, You need to configure them according to your business.

Logo for Google, Add your website logo here. This logo will appear in search results. If someone searches your website then google will show small logo of your website before name of your website. Aspect ration of this image is usually recommended in square.

Default Social Share Image, Here you can upload an image that will be made the default for social sharing for your website. You can change it for specific post also after completely setup wizard.

Once configured site then click on Save and Continue.

Step 4 : Setting Up Google Search Console

In this step, You need to connect rank math with your google search console. So that rank math will display all essential data from google search console right into your websites admin dashboard. This will help you to save time from opening Search Console for data purpose.

Connecting process is really simple, Just click on Get Authorization Code then google sign pop window will appear, Select the google account which has Google Search Console of your website and hit allow, after this you will get a long code, Just copy it and close the window and paste it on Text box and hit Authorize.

Rank math will automatically will select website profile, If it doesn’t then select it manually from dropdown list. If you can’t see your website then may be there is something wrong google authorization code, just redo it and you will see your website.

Once done, Now you can click on Save and Continue

If you have selected Easy Option at starting then you are done in setting up. If you have selected advanced mode then continue to read remaining steps

Step 5 : Sitemap Configuration (Advanced Mode Only)

This settings is for making sitemaps, Well you don’t need to think much for it, Just select all options in this page. Later on you can change if you can settings for specific pages or post using Rank Math. Just select all options like shown in Image below, Basically select all because every option is recommended.

Once selected all like show in image then Click on Save and Continue.

Step 6 : Optimization and SEO Tweaks

This step is most important step, Because anything you do here can have big impact on your Website’s SEO.

Noindex Empty Category and Tag Archives

Most of the times, You create many tags and categories, But all those cant be used every time and it lacks posts also, But still they are indexed in Google, So to prevent it you can these option to no index empty category and tag archives.

Normally, you can nofollow any link by adding the rel= "nofollow"attribute to it by using WordPress’s link manager. But, if you’re adding a lot of links to your posts, no-following them individually can be time-consuming. Enabling this setting will make all external links nofollow by default, , which will save you quite a bit of time.

It’s generally a good practice to have external links open in new tabs by appending the target=" _blank" to the link. Rank Math can automatically perform this for all external links with this setting. The setting is On by default, and we recommend that you keep it that way.

Once you’ve configured all these settings, click the Save and Continue button to go to the next step.

After this, click on Setup Advanced Option.

Step 7 – 404 + Redirection

404 errors happen when a page being accessed is not found. It is similar to going to a store and not finding the product you were looking for. The problem is, WordPress does not have any functionality to report 404 errors. The good news is that Rank Math has a capable 404 Monitor that can capture all the 404 errors on your website and report them to you.

Monitoring 404 errors and managing redirects are essential things that you will need in your day to day life, and that is why i recommend that you enable both these options.

Step 8 : Schema Markup

The next step deals with Schema Markup. If you don’t know what it is, here is a brief introduction. Schema is metadata about your website and your posts that you can add to your website to give context to the search engines. For example, if you have a page about a widget, Google and other search engines don’t know if you are reporting news about the widget, talking about the widget, reviewing the widget, or selling the widget. By adding Schema to your post, you can help search engines understand your page better.

As you see, Schema is enabled by default, as it is very important. Apart from that, you get to configure the default schema for posts, pages, and custom posts (if you created them). There are plenty of options available, and with each schema type, you can configure the details inside the post.

Keep in mind that these are simply the default settings that apply to each post when you create it. You can obviously go into the post and change the schema type and the different settings for the schema.

Once you’re ready, click the Save and Continue button to finish the setup and return to the dashboard.


We Hope you understand which SEO Plugin is good, What is Rank Math SEO and How to Set up it properly. All credits of image used here goes to Rank Math.

If you find today’s article helpful, then please consider sharing it with your friends and family. Till then i’ll meet you in next article.

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