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Why has closed? Best Alternative?

Why has closed? Best Alternative?

Back in 2018, Xossip was closed by the owner. Many people think that Xossip is banned. But the reality is that it’s not banned but closed by the owner itself. Today we will try to dig in deep and find out the real reasons behind the forceful closure of Xossip!

But before that, Many of you might be wondering if you can find any alternatives to Xossip? Well Don’t worry, I have covered that part too! So just stay chill and enjoy reading this well informative article.

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Before digging into all possible reasons for the closure of Xossip, Let’s know what is Xossip?

What is Xossip?

Xossip is an Open Source Forum Website, with Largest Audience, Fast Growing site. Mostly Dominated with Indians, However, It’s still famous in the rest of the world. Total 2 Million Users, 8 Million Threads, and more than 60 Million Posts.

As you see by the figures, It’s clear that this website needs a lot of hardware power to run the website normally for everyone without any server issues. Well, website owners got Dedicated Servers to run the website.

You might be wondering, Why am I even telling all these unnecessary details? Well, it’s useful to know before I tell you all the possible reasons behind the closure of Xossip. Because all these reasons are roaming around servers and hosting only.

Why Xossip is Closed?

Now it’s time to reveal all the reasons for the shutdown of the Xossip website.

As per my research, On the internet, I have found two possible and most believable reasons behind the closure of Xossip!

Reason No. 1(Official Reason Provided by website owner itself)

On the last couple of days of Xossip, We have sawed a notice which was telling us that they were trying to sell their websites to others but they failed to find a new buyer. Due to this, they closed their website.

Well, this notice gave us really low information about the closure of Xossip.

Luckily, I know the complete reason behind the closure of Xossip. The reason is really simple, the Owner of Xossip didn’t have enough money to pay for hosting and server bills.

You might be wondering, Xossip is a really big website, then why they don’t have money that they earned from their website.

Sadly, They don’t put any ads on their website, Because ads are annoying distractions for users, this may interrupt them while enjoying the forum.

Xossip is solely dependant on Donations they receive from their users. But for unknown reasons, their donations were decreased. Due which they didn’t have enough money to pay their server bills.

Shutdown Notice by
Reason No. 2 (Not Confirmed)

It’s been speculated that Xossip is closed due to overload in server, This is caused by Attackers, Who sent a huge number of bots into the server, Due to this, Browsing Experience of normal users became bad.

Well, this reason is still not confirmed but still, it’s also too popular on the internet!

Okay, I hope you got all reasons for the Xossip shutdown! It’s time to find the best alternative to Xossip!

The best Alternative to Xossip is LustyWeb

I have searched through Internet, and I have found many amazing alternatives to Xossip but big problem is that they all have the most annoying ads, It’s a big distraction for users, Everyone wants a good browsing experience.

That’s why I have concluded LustyWeb to be the only Best Alternative to Xossip. And Also LustyWeb Allegedly Claims that Old Xossip members also work in LustyWeb.

LustyWeb provides much amazing content on their website, Adult Forum, General Talk Forum, Stories Forum, Games and much more!

If you don’t get it what LustyWeb is? No worries.

LustyWeb is an adult forum board where you can find mature content such as Video links, Adult Gifs, Photos, Adult Games etc. The forum is open for all sorts of contents and discussions, however, on the forum, you will find mature content for the most part. So, if you’re looking for mature content, then there’s no better option than LustyWeb.


Visit LustyWeb Now.


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